Just sent off another dozen SASE’s

21 Aug

The volume of people sending in Self-Addressed Stamped envelopes to receive a free sticker has been picking up over the last year. We’ve been sending off batches of SASE’s stuffed with stickers. We also used the extra envelopes and stamps to send off a bunch to people on the free sticker list. Going to the POBox is like ChristmaKwaanzikuh.

South Carolina needs Kindness!!

20 Jul

If you’ve been watching the news at all, you’ve certainly seen the goings on in South Carolina as the state grapples with its history of racism and hatred, symbolized by the Confederate Flag. White Supremecists have taken to the streets to protest for their right to fly the flag, a move met with sizable and understandable resistance. Unfortunately, that resistance was not always peaceful.

Tensions are high and if there was ever a place that needed a kindness campaign, it’s South Carolina.

We have about 20 people so far from South Carolina who’ve requested a free sticker. It costs about $1/per sticker to print and post. Can you help us send stickers to our supporters in South Carolina? Make a donation today!

Do you know anyone in South Carolina? Share Generate Kindness.org with them, and ask them to request a free sticker. For a limited time, we’ll be putting South Carolina requests at the top of the line to fulfill when we get funding from the crowd to send stickers.

We’ll also send extra stickers to South Carolina requestors – we want to make sure the word gets out in South Carolina – don’t generate hate – Generate KINDNESS!

Just sent out a bunch of SASE stickers

20 May

SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes)
We get mail at Generate Kindness (oh, and do we…). Last month, we sent about 40 or so stickers to people who’d sent in a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. So we open the mail, and send stickers. Sometimes people include a few extra stamps (postage is the most expensive part of the project, although the stickers do cost actual money to actually print) and sometimes people include blank envelopes with US First-Class stamps already on ‘em! Those are awesome, ’cause it’s one less step the Generate Kindness elves have to do to fulfill a request. The GK elven IT department is working on an easy way to print labels so that we can just print, stick and stuff envelopes (instead of handwrite, handwrite, handwrite, etc…)

That might mean a less personal note from GK, but it would include a free sticker…. what to do? Automate or keep it personal? WE think automate and scale the GK project.

We also just checked the mailbox and got another dozen or so envelopes, with SASE’s in ‘em, so we’ll be sending out another round soon!

Some Bad News About The Database

31 Mar

It appears that the database we were using, storing ticket request information for the last year or so, has been permanently lost. This means that all requests from about 2010 through 2014 have been permanently lost. If you made a request for “free” stickers during that time, please re-submit your information and in the comments section indicate that you previously requested and we’ll do our best to get you towards the front of the line.

From the GK FB page

14 Oct

Here’s an interesting Ted Talk on “Designing for Generosity”

from The GenerateKindness Facebook Page – give it a “Like!”

Why We Should Be Kind to Bullies

16 Jul

This masterful piece by comedians Key and Peele reveals a hidden, but obvious truth about bullies. They are often hurting themselves and don’t know other ways to express it. So fascinating to see this perspective played out so well.

Learned a New Word Today: “Seva”

21 Apr

“Seva” is sanskrit for “Selfless Service“, and is a kind of yoga practice. This came up in a conversation with Avani, the owner of Om Puerto Viejo, a yoga center and hostel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. She had some great ideas about kindness curricula for classrooms, too! Lots to think about.

Some Kindness Science

20 Apr

Who’s the kindest of them all? Some science confirms what we maybe already knew – women are more empathetic, and people who’ve suffered loss are more likely to be compassionate towards others.


Into the Mouths Of Babes

19 Apr

A 7 year-old in North Carolina got busy when he learned about a food program for hungry children in his state. He started raising funds and food for hungry children. This year he raised enough to feed 16 kids for a year.

His website

And the Huffington Post Article

What Does Kindness Get You? This.

9 Apr

A beautiful video from Thailand showing what’s in it for you.