A Simple Hello
2013/06/28 18:06

Have you ever been walking somewhere, when suddenly someone greeted you with a hello—and it made you feel really good?

I think we all have. That experience really underscores how powerful a simple hello can be in raising our spirits. When you say hello to others you’re acknowledging them, and people love being acknowledged.

With every person you pass and don’t say hello to, you’re potentially missing out on a great opportunity to make a difference in the world.

I make a point to say hello to people often—and not just to people I cross paths with in the street. For example, if I’m entering the subway and I see a maintenance worker cleaning, I’ll often stop and say, “Hi.” They probably don’t get said hello to that often by commuters, so I’m sure it brightens their day.

Looking for opportunities to say hello to people who probably don’t receive a greeting often is a great way to help them feel acknowledged and brighten their spirits.

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