Geeks get it.
2018/10/24 18:05

It might one day be argued that Free and Open Source Software is one of the greatest collective achievements of mankind. Open Source software runs millions of websites, powers all kinds of functionality on our laptops, desktops and mobile phones – all a result of groups of software developers contributing their code to the commons so we can all benefit.

As with any human activity, egos get involved and people’s passions drive them to be convinced their way of doing this is right and sometimes those passions and perspectives conflict with other volunteers’ views.

The GNU Operating System is one such piece of software that powers all kinds of servers.  The community of developers who pitch in to develop and maintain this software have released the GNU Kind Communications Guideline to help developers communicate with each other in a kind manner.

It’s a first in the software world – an major open source project espousing kindness as an operating principle.

We hope that these technologists will bake kindness into everything they do

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