Generating Kindness for Yourself
2012/07/29 05:11

Sometimes Generating Kindness can be as easy as looking at someone and smiling. It might mean doing something as difficult as forgiving someone for a hurt or an injustice. Some might say that the act of forgiving oneself is perhaps the hardest to do. We hold ourselves to such high standards – often much higher than we hold anyone else. And when we fall down and fail to meet our own expectations, even (or especially) when we fall down and fail to meet “reasonable” expectations, the self-criticism and shame can be paralyzing. Any moment of self-criticism is an opportunity to practice compassion for oneself. It’s on old saying that carries a lot of truth – “In order to love anyone else you must first love yourself”. Generating Kindness can be a balm to the soul – an act of inner healing and a whelming feeling of love. And for whatever reason, offering this to ourselves often seems a lot harder than offering to others. But we must find a way to be kind to ourselves. Generating Kindness starts with each of us.

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