Generating Kindness on a smaller scale.
2008/06/15 01:55

I’m printing smaller versions of the stickers, in part because I have a backlog of 9 or 10 thousand stickers to send out. The smaller sized stickers are super cool, and printing costs are a fraction of the larger ones. The postage costs the same whether I send 5 larger stickers or 5 smaller stickers. But the “per unit” cost drops dramatically at the smaller size, so the free versions will be smaller. $ Donors and postage-stamp-contributors will get a large sticker or two thrown in as well as some free smaller stickers.

And hey – someone recently sent a few extra US postage stamps with their Self Address Stamped Envelope, and I can’t tell you how much easier that makes things! The biggest expense for sending stickers it the postage itself. Thank you!

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