Getting ready to start the upgrade journey
2009/02/02 10:08

I think it’s well past time to update the design and functionality of Generate Kindness. It’s been a long time coming, and the fact is, I have a finite number of hours to help manage a 40-person service business, a burgeoning music career, the Missing Project, and Generate Kindness. I’ve been confronted with and am learning that I can’t do it all myself. So my approach to the redesign project is to stay at the strategy level and crowdsource and/or recruit to execute.

The vision is a scalable, distributed, viral online/offline funding and distribution system to deliver 1,000,000 free stickers to anyone in the world who asks for one.

There are two “taglines” that I’ve been toying around: “Generate Kindness – ’cause it doesn’t grow on trees” and “Generate Kindness – sponsored by you.”

Two sides of the same virtual coin, I suppose.

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