2011/10/18 03:46

Well, it appears that the hack attack we were hit with has been resolved. If you are seeing this blog without a nasty Google malware intercept page (it still kinda freaks us out that Google can do that), then all is back to well and right with GenerateKindness.org.

We moved to WordPress and apparently used a plugin that had a trojan horse script in it that placed a website redirect instruction on the webserver, which took all traffic to a Russian affiliate link site. Google doesn’t like it when that happens, so they threw a glaring red warning page.

Anyway, it appears that the blog is back. Sorry to have freaked anyone out. The worst part of this was all the wasted time. We spent hours working on finding the source to this problem (our fingers are still crossed that the problem, has, in fact, been permanently fixed). It was like being on a treadmill that got us nowhere. A total waste of time. Thanks, unkind Russian hackers.

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