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2016/05/21 13:59


Not too long ago news and media outlets mainly focused on the terrible things happening around us. But, have you noticed how many news stories are covering random acts of kindness now? It got me to wondering why. I was raised in a way that frowned upon calling attention to good deeds. It was almost like if people knew you were doing the deeds, they wouldn’t count. So I wonder what it is that changed?

Are more people being kind or are so few people being kind that we are highlighting their ventures?

I feel that the kindness level hasn’t changed all that much. I do feel our perception of it’s importance has changed.

Today, our children are raised in a world that is full of war. This has been true of many generations in the past, but, why is it different today?

Technology makes information more available now. War and acts of terror are around every corner…on every screen. War has been a part of our every day lives for so long that even comedians are now comfortable using it in their acts. We are not only aware of our own wars. We are also aware of global conflict.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with negative news feeds. I feel that people are actively seeking kindness to balance out the bad. The human experience no longer consists of stories from afar that may or may not be true. They are real stories, with real people and real pictures. It’s no longer enough for people to simply hear about the nice things that people do for them. We as a species need to see the proof to feel the connection.
Our hormones reward us for being kind. So the more real a story can be, the better response our minds will have to it. The term “feel good story” is applicable here.

We are creatures that learn behavior and mimic behavior. We tend to do what we see. This one human behavior can make the ripple effect behind one kind deed exponential. Unfortunately, it also means that the ripple effect behind the bad deeds are exponential. The goal is to start more good ripples than bad.

Generate Kindness everywhere you, go so someday, it may still be waiting there for you.


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