Just sent out a bunch of SASE stickers
2015/05/20 08:26

SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes)
We get mail at Generate Kindness (oh, and do we…). Last month, we sent about 40 or so stickers to people who’d sent in a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. So we open the mail, and send stickers. Sometimes people include a few extra stamps (postage is the most expensive part of the project, although the stickers do cost actual money to actually print) and sometimes people include blank envelopes with US First-Class stamps already on ’em! Those are awesome, ’cause it’s one less step the Generate Kindness elves have to do to fulfill a request. The GK elven IT department is working on an easy way to print labels so that we can just print, stick and stuff envelopes (instead of handwrite, handwrite, handwrite, etc…)

That might mean a less personal note from GK, but it would include a free sticker…. what to do? Automate or keep it personal? WE think automate and scale the GK project.

We also just checked the mailbox and got another dozen or so envelopes, with SASE’s in ’em, so we’ll be sending out another round soon!

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