Nearly lost it
2009/02/14 03:50

Just overwrote a file I’ve been working on over the last several months as part of the intended redesign and thought I’d lost months worth of work. I’d just bought a PHP Development Environment (a programmer’s tool) for my iPhone, which cached a local copy. I seriously was about to lose it, realizing that I’d just ruined months (in time, not effort) and probly 50 hrs of work, just like that.

But! Thanks to the Mides iPhone app I’m back in business. Sorta. I’m stuck at a place I can’t get beyond, programming-wise (I’m kind of a hack), and have been writing up requirements for the bit of code I need, and having worked on THOSE for an hour or two, to have thought I’d lost a ton of work because of an exhausted oversight royally blew.

But now it doesn’t suck! I’ve got back up on in my front pocket.

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