Site Update 1.0
2010/07/28 04:39

I’m going to keep notes of the incremental changes that happen to the GK site on the blog. Just ’cause, um, I don’t know exactly. Recent changes:

– migrated from HTML site to WordPress
– added donation can widget
– better video support
– way better commenting system
– much better design
– vastly improved social media integration
– successfully moved accordion nav widget
– basic cafepress integration

testing everything. (try doing stuff and if it doesn’t work, add a comment here)
tweeting/blogging about new site launch
thermometer to show total donations and total costs
transparent accounting: a costs page with a summary (and ideally scanned receipt) of costs
create workflow for validating old sticker requests so we don’t send stickers to a bad address
update workflow for printing shipping labels
investigate 501(c)3 status / fiscal sponsorship
video comments
calculate carepress item markup as N stickers sent to Europe or X stickers sent to the US, etc.
collaborators in kindness: a program to distribute the workload of distributing stickers
Worldmap visitor log
ad network if traffic warrants

What other features would be cool for GenerateKindness?

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