Sorry Frothy Monkey Guy
2016/06/03 01:20

Sorry I gave you a shrug when you called my name to pick up my coffee from the bar. I stood as soon as I heard your co-worker call my name, which was just before you… projected your voice to call me, which occurred to me as if I’d gone astray, or wasn’t coming fast enough. I’m just hard of hearing, but also grew up in a house where I was pretty regularly bellowed for and hurry-upped by a burly yeller and it triggers me a little to hear my name yelled out, especially in public. I caught myself sort of in the act of giving you static and got a little embarrassed, so I just went back to my seat. I later heard you goofing around with staff and customers and got that you’re outgoing and genuinely entertaining and realized you didn’t mean to be “yelling” for me (I know it wasn’t yelling, it was actually sing-songy, but my body reacted as if someone was calling me out in public or berating me). Anyway, I had a deadline and figured I would say all this to you as I left. When I got up to leave, I looked around for you but didn’t find you. Seemed all the staff had disappeared. I wondered if it was because I’d been such a hypocrite, Generating Grief. I got more ashamed as the moments wore on and I just decided to leave, figuring that I could just leave it behind. Guess not. So, sorry Frothy Monkey Counter Guy. And to the HQ Lady, sorry, too, for not tipping you. Realized after I was down the road.

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