well this is gonna be interesting…
2008/01/31 04:59

Since opening up the webform, traffic to GK has skryrocketed! From an average weekly traffic below a hundred before the free for all (literally) was less than a hundred visitors a week and the line keeps climbing. Now we’re at 200/day, and about half of those people are requesting stickers. Consider it costs about $.75 to send a sticker (rough average assuming lots of international requests), that’s adding up! (hrm, hrm hrm) that’s like $75 a day, or (hrm hrm hrm) nearly $30,000 a year! OMG! What have i Done!?

Looks like I’m going to have to get a fiscal sponsor for this project, too. (I recently blogged about this at another project site I’m launching soon) If I put a widget up that lets people donate a dollar here or there to cover the costs of mailing a sticker to someone else, my darling dear IRS will count that as income in my pocket, even if all of it is clearly accounted for as project expenses (like postage stamps, envelopes and printing).

Hoy faloy. Thanks for requesting, though! Sure feels good to know there are people out there who want to Generate them some Kindness! W–t!

International peeps- say something nice in another language! S’il vous plait!

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