A legend Generating Kindness
2009/03/10 15:21

I got to see Richie Havens at the Napa Opera House last week, and it was an incredible show. the magic happened AFTER the show, however, when my hosts (one of whom had suffered a stroke a few months earlier) took to the elevator instead of following the crowd out the back of the hall. We’d no sooner pressed the down button when the door opened and a bewildered Richie Havens walked into our waiting arms. Fortunately, my dear friend Miss Elaineous was armed with GK stickers (I can’t believe I didn’t have any with me at the time), such that I was able to give it to Mr. Havens, who said he’d put it on his guitar case.

Havens was the opening act at the original Woodstock, and to my view, was the tipping point of the Woodstock festival. His last song, “Freedom” was improvised and electrified the crowd – it was an electric moment that rocked the crowd. He’s still holding it down, and it was a thrill to give him a GK sticker – thanks to Elaine!

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