Care to Generate a Little Kindness today?
2008/04/08 12:50

I’ve just published a blog post on another project of mine – TheMissingSong.Com. It’s an online music video project inspired by a friend’s family who recently suffered the tragic disappearance of an adult missing child. Turns out that there are hundreds of thousands of missing persons reported every year.

The project (which is in development and almost complete except for one key ingredient) will be an online music video for “The Missing Song” that will use the web to show images of missing persons local to the viewer. Nothing like it’s ever been done, and I believe this will most certainly help find lost loved ones.

Please take a moment to read the blog post, and if you’re so inclined, support the Missing Project with a quick action that will only take a minute, but could make an ENORMOUS difference for this project.

Thanks for considering this.

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