Down in the Dumps at the Trump Rally
2017/03/16 09:20

Many of my interactions with people at the Trump rally are still lingering hours afterwards, but one in particular is having me feel a bit not quite “at ease”… There was a lot of anger and derision happening at the rally – one of the reasons my clown vector seemed effective. I saw a woman who seemed really… stressed or not happy or withdrawn. Were other people were chanting along, she and her friend were standing, taking things in. Impulsively I started a conversation (as a clown, trying to make levity) in which I may have said “You look so serious..”. She responded in a polite attempt to engage me that it might have been her “bitchy resting face” (Google that if you don’t know). We had some awkward laughs but I could tell she was burdened. She attempted to deflect the conversation to her lovely companion but on the whole it wasn’t a really deep connection as I had had with others. As I left the event, I started to think about her and started to feel compassion and regret. Not knowing exactly what was weighing on her, it took a minute to realize that she was standing in the middle of a clash of two civilizations that was way bigger than any or even all of us there on the street in Nashville. I started to think about her as an empathic person who was really affected by the state of the world. And I started to think about telling other people how to feel. My impulse to talk with her was to try to cheer her up but I can totally understand feeling the weight of the world as we watched a divided nation shouting at each other. I just want to say to her – your bitchy resting face makes total sense and you shouldn’t feel any other way than how you feel. I’m sorry if I was an unwelcome intervention in your reflection and I didn’t intend to tell you to “Smile” or in some other unconscious way diminish the experience you were having. You just looked like a kind person who was maybe a little weary and I’d hoped to be a bright spot for you instead of a spotlight.

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