2011/12/29 18:32

Man! That was a nasty bug. Someone from an un-named country *cough*russia*cough* hijacked the GK site and was sending all our traffic to a random search site in Russia. We thought we’d eliminated the problem a few weeks ago, then it returned and wouldn’t go away.

Well, we basically wiped everything out and reinstalled WordPress, the Bueno WP theme and that seems to have resolved the problem. Such a colossal waste of time, too. At least 12 hours of time that could have been spent improving the GK site, sending out stickers, etc., instead spent wrestling with server configuration files, and other command line !fun.

The result was severe health warnings for anyone who tried to come to GK, consequently severely impacting our traffic.

Anyway, apologies again, on behalf of our Anonymous Russian hacker.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled exploration of compassion in action.

Be kind, people.

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