Hacked!! UNKIND!
2011/10/11 04:06

So GK got hacked. Not exactly sure the point of entry, but the hack is injecting .htaccess redirects to some Russian site. This means that when someone comes to GenerateKindness.org (if they’re not deterred by Google’s Malware warning page*) that they’ll find their browser whisked off to some random website. (That’s the extent of the malware as far as I can tell).

Anyway, I’ve deleted the .htaccess and am going to disable a bunch of plugins on the theory that that’s how they’re hitting me.

Sorry to all who thought they’ve been hoodwinked by a sticker.

* and does it bother anyone that google can just automatically insert a page into your browsing at any point? I’m really glad they do it for this reason, but I don’t think I signed up for any “Google Protection” service. kinda spooky.

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