Holy Mackeral!`
2008/10/27 01:23

We got like something like 14k requests in the last three weeks. INSANE! Most of the traffic seems to be coming from “Free Stuff” sites. Which is great, and all. I’m happy people want to Generate Kindness. I went to the mailbox this week and found it stuffed with SASE’s. What a crazy thing to be getting envelopes and stamps and dollar bills. Occasionally, the mail arrives “opened” and I fear that people’s generosity is being diverted, shall we say.

Anyway, thanks, people. I will say this, there’s no way I can afford to send 17,000 stickers to people. No way. That’s thousands of dollars. I’ve really got to get the Sustainability Engine working soon. I only need another few hours per day, that’s all.

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