Ok! Database is werkin!
2008/01/27 20:01

Poppin my head up to announce that the Generate Kindness Request Queue has finally been upgraded and transitioned to a database. MUCH more scalable solution than filtering email. All the requests to date have been sendformed into my email, and I just hooked in the form to the db. I’m getting about a hundred requests a day, now, I’d guess? I’ll look at the logs later. mostly just interested that I’m not gonna lose anyone’s requests, and that one piece of the Sustainability Engine is now working!

What’s Next

Implementing a simple cost accounting system that will document and calculate cost for fulfillment. Aggregate amount becomes a variable donation target. That’s the Sustainability Engine in a nutshell. In the interim, cafepress income will be manually reported and calculated, but bubsequent steps will be investigated to integrate cafepress income into dynamic accounting reports.

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