• 24hr Design-a-thon

    The 24hr Design-a-thon is an overnight volunteer event for professionals in the marketing/communications fields (graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, strategists, social media experts, audio/video producers, etc..) who form a "pop-up" advertising agency, focusing everyone's attention on a single nonprofit's marketing challenges. In 24 hours, the team delivers an integrated suite of marketing tools from website to brochures, advertising (TV, radio and display), newsletters/direct mail, social media, and more. Additionally, local media has covered the events, generating visibility for the beneficiary and sponsors.
  • Stickers

    The mission of the Foundation is to promote the creation of acts of kindness. A highly effective strategy to reach lots of people with the message has been the distribution of Free* Generate Kindness stickers to anyone who asks for them. Volunteers drop stacks of stickers in coffeeshops, festivals and other places of convening. The Generate Kindness website takes requests for Free* Generate Kindness stickers and delivers them on a first-come-first-served basis as funding allows. We don't charge anything to print and ship a sticker to anyone who asks (which is why we say it's free). At the same time, it costs actual money to actually send an actual sticker. As a volunteer nonprofit, we rely on public/crowd-funding through merch sales and donations to fund the printing and shipping of Free* Generate Kindness stickers. To learn more, Click here.
  • The Generate Kindness Game

    The Generate Kindness is a life-long, live-action game where participants individually and in groups create acts of kindness and get "points" for doing so. Players can recruit others into the game and earn points when their friends earn points, and so on and so on... The game is in the planning stage. If you have ideas or suggestions for the Game (or anything else, for that matter) - drop us a line using the "Contact Us" link below.
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