Request for help
2008/02/16 15:44

So far, we’re at about 12,000 stickers requested. That’s about $500-$600 for printing, and probly $1800 in postage. I definitely have to set up the paypal donate thing. One area I could really use some help with is with filing some forms with the IRS to re-instate a non-profit to handle the money. At this point, it’s running around $20k/year to run the site. And that’s just going to grow as more people get and share stickers. This is a problem because:

a) I don’t have an “extra” $30-50k a year to give away (I wish I did, and perhaps one day, God willing, I will) and

b) Well, there’s only really a).

If the viral effect takes hold here at all (which I believe it will once the underlying financial infrastructure is built), the cost of running the site could rise quite rapidly. And by running, I’m only factoring in printing and shipping. Not actually going to the stack of stickers, counting a certain amount, putting them in an envelope, addressing the envelope, putting postage and taking to the post office. Every day.

Anyway, I’m clear we need to set up the Generate Kindness Foundation so we can widen the pipes for kindness. I’m gonna start asking around for some help getting that set up. If you’re a non-profit lawyer, would you drop me a line? I have a few questions…

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