Some upcoming changes
2018/08/12 00:32

It’s sort of sad to say that all this time that the Generate Kindness Foundation has been giving away stickers, it’s almost all done “by hand.”  There’s very little automation happening in our process, and we’re starting to explore ways to streamline the very labor/human intensive process of copying and pasting and hand-writing envelopes. All done with love, no doubt.  We just want to be able to do more.

Currently, every request goes onto a Google sheet.  We have never sent a newsletter.  We’re trying to figure out how generate a customized “place in line” number for everyone every month, so we can send 1 email a month with an update on where you are “in line” to get a free sticker, along with a report of how many stickers we sent out based on donations and store sales .  We’ve always imagined doing this would accelerate the project. We’re a long way from having given out a million stickers.

To be compliant with the GDPR (that European privacy law – a LOT Of people in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine request stickers), and to facilitate sending newsletters, we’re going to be emailing everyone with a request to re-request stickers.  We’ll send out emails in the order we got the requests with a link to a new subscription page. In the past, we allowed people to opt out of the email list, but it’s becoming essential to the fulfillment process that getting everyone’s double opt-in consent means that we’re compliant with GDPR.  We already have pretty good data practices but we’re running the GDPR checklist to comply.

So… expect an email soon with an invitation to re-join the list if you’ve been waiting for stickers. And if you haven’t requested them yet, what are you waiting for?

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