South Carolina needs Kindness!!
2015/07/20 08:41

If you’ve been watching the news at all, you’ve certainly seen the goings on in South Carolina as the state grapples with its history of racism and hatred, symbolized by the Confederate Flag. White Supremecists have taken to the streets to protest for their right to fly the flag, a move met with sizable and understandable resistance. Unfortunately, that resistance was not always peaceful.

Tensions are high and if there was ever a place that needed a kindness campaign, it’s South Carolina.

We have about 20 people so far from South Carolina who’ve requested a free sticker. It costs about $1/per sticker to print and post. Can you help us send stickers to our supporters in South Carolina? Make a donation today!

Do you know anyone in South Carolina? Share Generate with them, and ask them to request a free sticker. For a limited time, we’ll be putting South Carolina requests at the top of the line to fulfill when we get funding from the crowd to send stickers.

We’ll also send extra stickers to South Carolina requestors – we want to make sure the word gets out in South Carolina – don’t generate hate – Generate KINDNESS!

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