Stats Rap
2008/02/21 10:46

Interesting to see the spikes in traffic/requests. Most people are finding Generate Kindness through “Free stuff” websites, but occasionally I’m seeing “saw a sticker” which is probably my favorite. “from a friend” is cool, too. Anyway, we had another spike day of traffic a couple days ago, getting another like 500 or so requests for Generate Kindness stickers. People making contributions has been great, too. This week, we got about $60, with which I bought envelopes and stamps and sent out a handful of requests from the contributors. The glum people standing in line at the post office on a late rainy afternoon must have thought I was a bit off kilter, but whatev. I’m running low on stickers, so a re-order is in order – a call I actually love to make, despite costing a hundred bucks or so every time I do.

Right now, about 77% of visitors either request a sticker or read the blog. 80% come from site referrals (free stuff, mostly), 18% via direct (emails from friends, etc) and about 2% from search engines.

Countries visiting in order of traffic:

US represents about 85% of all total traffic. Currently. In the last month, we had over 7000 visitors with 15000 page views. As a longtime webguy, I’m pleased to note with some nostalgia that only 10% of visitors are on dialup. I remember back in the day making websites and doing live webcasting (mid 90’s) and we were targeting 28.8Kbps modems. Most traffic now is on Cable, DSL or T1. I remember thinking “Man, so much will be possible when bandwidth increases.” I also remember people getting bitchy in BBS/usenet groups for copying too much of a message in replies “SAVE BANDWIDTH!”

Anyway, day job calls…

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