Take The 7×7 Generate Kindness Challenge
2020/08/30 17:51

Here’s a challenge anyone can do any time. But it’s still a challenge!

Every day for the next seven days, post one piece of uplifting content and challenge one friend to do the 7×7 Generate Kindness Challenge.

That’s it. Just actively look for and amplify messages of kindness, compassion, and human decency and challenge someone else to do the same. Every day for seven days.

Let’s start some ripples of kindness through the infowebs.

If you’re in, go to the Facebook page and say you’re in. Include your insta/twitter for follows if you want and tag whoever challenged you.

Then in a week, write a post about how the challenge affected you and share the link to your story here and/or anywhere and everywhere.

#generatekindness #7x7GKChallenge #generatekindnessdotorg

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