There’s No Such Thing As A Random Act of Kindness.
2015/09/17 01:09

There’s nothing random about an act of kindness. Kindness doesn’t just spontaneously happen. It’s not like someone all of a sudden, for no reason whatsoever, without any thought or consideration, just randomly does some act for another person.

An act of kindness is inspired. It comes from being present to and connecting with the plight of another person, having compassion and feeling a desire to help and to have the impact one hopes it will have, even if just for a moment.

An act of kindness is planned. The plan sometimes happens quickly and intuitively/impulsively, but there is actual thought goes into a “Random” act of kindness – perceiving and assessing the situation, feeling empathy and compassion for another human being’s struggle. A searching for solutions, and then a moment of evaluation turns into an action plan and a new ripple of kindness is waved into the world.

Kindness isn’t random. It’s intimately intentional. It’s bold to break social norms of “personal space” and “living and let living” and brave to take steps, offer time and resources or simply look at someone with a loving, silent smile.

The effects of kindness are not random, either. They ripple unpredictably, for sure, but we now know that kindness begets kindness because, science. Kindness, compassion and empathy are essential to the fabric of civilization, so making more of those things would seem to be a generally positive thing to do.

The compassion, inspiration, planning and the doing of kindness is anything but random. It is generated by humans who choose to give to another. Be bold and intentional in generating your kindness. Don’t be random.

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