Your Kindness Goes Beyond You
2013/07/02 20:34

Kindness begets kindness. A simple of act of compassion might inspire an observer, or create a series of “pay it forward” moments that you never even see.

An act of good will can have a ripple of positive effects that leave your social circles, travel across geographic regions, and improve the lives of people in places you’ve never even been.

This is the nature of kindness, and of happiness: you carry it with you, and share it with the people you encounter – an attitude of kindness manifests itself in the way you deal with people in your everyday life, cashiers and cab drivers, the people you meet on the street – and in those moments, your positivity promotes their positivity.

There are no limited resources in the realm of kindness, no well to run dry. Each moment of compassion creates others, each act of kindness only creates more kindness. You will never run out.

And as you give your kindness to the world, as you carry it through each day of your life, all of the people you’ve shared it with now have a piece of their own kindness to carry, and to share with others. This is your kindness, spreading across the planet.

Each act, each display benevolence, has more influence than you’ll ever know. Kindness begets kindness, and through each helping hand or friendly word, the amount of kindness in the world grows.

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